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Why can’t I find the message in the quarantine

There can be several reasons why a message cannot be found in the quarantine.

  • Quarantine days expired - we usually store the messages in the quarantine for a determined period of time. After that, older messages will automatically be removed and new messages will be stored
  • Quarantine is disabled - when the quarantine is disabled from the Filter Settings section, all messages will be delivered to the recipient inbox, even the ones that would normally be quarantined. They will still appear as Rejected in the log, but they will not be available in the quarantine.
  • Message was already released - if a message was already released from the quarantine, then it will no longer be available. Depending on how this was released, the Classification column in the Log Search should provide information about this.
  • Depending on the reason why a message was blocked, this will or will not end up in the quarantine. Please see more details on such messages in our Classifications article here.

You cannot take action on such messages, so they would need to be resent by the sender, assuming that the issue was resolved. 

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