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Getting started as a Reseller


As a direct Reseller you are looking to provide your end-customers with the best email filtering and archiving.  Benefits of Becoming a Reseller:

  • You will offer your/to end-clients an industry-leading, yet reasonable priced email security solution
  • You will prove your firm commitment to customer satisfaction.

How to get started

  • Visit our website
  • Contact us for a reseller offer or start a trial
  • Our sales team will get in touch with you to further discuss your requirements and arrange an account for you
  • Decide  which solution you require and give us the go-ahead
  • Receive the Reseller Agreement from SpamExperts BV.

Account Credit

It is important to note that your first required payment will be credited towards your account. Once payment of the account-credit is received, our billing department will add this as credit to your account. The credit will be used to partially pay future invoices. Once all credit is used, you will be responsible to fulfill payment of invoices. SpamExperts will not create an invoice for the initial account credit, since this is a credit and, accounting wise, it should be seen as a prepayment for future invoices. Upon receiving the Reseller agreement, signed by both SpamExperts and you as Reseller, our billing department will notify you about the billing procedures via email, as described below:  In order to fulfill payment of the account credit, you are required to:

  • Choose a payment option
  • Fulfill payment of the account credit
  • Notify our billing department ( once the payment is fulfilled

Payment Options


  • Paypal accepts all major credit-cards (even if you don't have a PayPal account)
  • PayPal details will be provided by our billing department

Direct Bank Transfer

  • Bank details will be provided by our billing department

Setting-up your account

  • Our billing department will place your Reseller order
  • The account credit will be added to your account and you will receive a notification from our billing department, once this has been executed.

Login to your Client Area

  • Under My Services, go to your current products. A page will open with a summary of your license; here you will find the control panel button where you can login and add your domains. You will also find an option to upgrade or downgrade your license.

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