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How to count users/domains

Often it's needed to see a count of both inbound and outbound mailboxes and / or domains. This can be done via the SpamExperts interface.


Domain count: To check the amount of domains loaded to your license, you can easily use the web interface::

  • Log into SpamPanel
  • Click Overview
  • Fairly on top of the page it says "Total items: xxx", with xxx being the total number of domains on the platform. 

Valid recipient (mailbox) count: To check the amount of mailboxes/ valid recipients for a domain for which we processed email in the last 7 days you can either use the SpamPanel API or the web interface. The SpamPanel API command you need is the following:

To use the above call, you will need a valid SpamPanel API username and password. Please replace with the inbound domain you wish to check.To use the web interface:

  • Log into SpamPanel
  • Click Overview
  • Using the drop down menu on the left of the domain you are looking for choose "Valid Recipient Count"


Outbound License usage

Our outbound license checks are done based on your sending domains (the 'From:' header). We analyze the traffic of those users combined, our license will check the number of unique from domains sending legitimate email via your network. You need to ensure your license covers the number of clients/hosting accounts that are making use of your outbound services. So if a smarthost user for example protects a server with 100 clients then it is required for your license to cover 100 domains.To check the number of domains that your users are sending from it's possible to use the outgoing log search from our Spampanel control panel to get a full overview of all traffic passing the system.

How to get outbound sender counts

Sender "From:" countTo be able to count the number of "From:" domains that your outgoing user is sending from, you will need to use the outgoing log search and any spreadsheet based program. (For example Excel).

  • Log into SpamPanel
  • Click "Overview"
  • Click on the outgoing authenticating domain that is being used
  • Click on "Log Search" in the Outgoing section.
  • Select the date frame you are looking to check
  • Select "Accepted" emails only
  • Use the "Customize" option and select "From" as the only column to show
  • Select "search"
  • When the results are returned, export these reports to a file.
  • Open the file in any spreadsheet based program
  • Remove the Duplicate lines

This will then show you for how many unique senders we have accepted email for during the set time frame. The logs search can also be used to show other columns, for example, if you wish to show the "Envelope-from" instead of the from.

Note: For the license match, "From domains" related to email forwarders are not included in the count.

You'll need to ensure your license matches the total number of domains you're providing filtering for on your environment (a forwarding domain would count as 1).

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