Email Scout Reports (ESR)

The Email Scout Report is a report that is available to you directly from the Log Search Pages. This report offers a lot more flexibility than the Periodic Reports as it is based on searches that you create.

Setting up

  1. It is very easy to set up an Email Scout Report.
  2. Go to to the “Incoming Log Search” or “Outgoing Log Search”
  3. Create your custom query
  4. Click on the Start Search button.

Once the results are shown, you will see the Email me this report button, as pictured in the screenshot below:

To activate the Report, you need to click on the button and set the options

  1. Type: offers you a way to send this report only one time or have it on Repeat
  2. Recipient: the address where the report will be sent to
  3. Subject: Add a relevant Subject to the email
  4. Sender: Add a custom Sending address for the email containing the report
  5. Immediately: If this is selected, you will receive the report on the spot.
  6. Date: If immediately is unticked, this option will become available and you will be able to specify the date when the report needs to be sent out
  7. Time: Select the time when you need this to be sent out.

If you set the Email Scout Report to repeat, additional fields will be available:

  1. Report Name: Set a name for the report depending on what the report contains Eg Spam / Legitimate / Queued / Archived messages
  2. Repeats: set the frequency of the report: Hourly / Daily / Weekly
  3. Time: When will the report be sent out.

 You can add multiple reports when desired.

Managing the existing reports

Once reports are added, you can manage them: edit / remove directly from the log search pages from the Email Scout Reports section. When going to this section, you will see a list of all your reports. 

Using the drop down arrow to the left of the report you will be able to:

  1. Remove the report - this will remove the report from the list
  2. Execute search - redirects you to the Log Search page, showing the results of the search with the criteria which were saved for this report.

How it works

For example, you might want to get a report that shows all messages in the incoming filter queue for a particular domain, once per day - or perhaps you would like to see a list of all the messages that have been rejected because an outgoing user was locked, and get that once an hour. Basically, you are able to get the results of whatever log search you can come up with, at whatever schedule you desire.

The core functionality is available right now, meaning you can schedule the report and have it sent out, but we also have lots of great improvements coming throughout the year as well - choices of different templates, the ability to edit and create new templates, message actions, more powerful search filter options, and much more.

Example to setup a 3x daily report

  1. Login to the control panel
  2. Enable "Features preview" on your user profile
  3. Go to the "Log Search (preview) either at domain or email-user level
  4. Set the log search query rules to e.g.: Timestamp previous 15 hours, Status in "Quarantined" (at domain level optionally restrict the search results for a recipient by setting Recipient "mymailbox")
  5. Click "Show results" to verify the results, next click "Email me this report" on top of the page
  6. Configure the report, set: Delivery "Repeat", Report name "7am mymailbox@ quarantine report", Subject " 7am quarantine report", Sender "", Recipient "", "Daily", Hour "07", Minute "00", "Column based" (to get a single line per message)
  7. Click Save

Repeat the above steps for e.g. 12:00 (search previous 5 hours), and 16:00 (search previous 4 hours). That way there are 3 reports setup for the domain/recipient, which will be sent at the preferred time containing an overview of the quarantined messages. The same process can be repeated for each recipient.

It is possible to add an additional query filter with "Sub class equals Combined", to list the quarantined messages the system had least details on.

Auto-enable 3 x daily reports

  1. Login to the domain dashboard
  2. Go to Domain Settings
  3. Tick the check-box near Automatically Enable Daily Email Scout Reports:
  4. Select the first hour for the first report
  5. If you need to have this sent out 2 more times during the day, tick the check-boxes near: Send a second Daily Email Scout Report (optional) and Send a third Daily Email Scout Report (optional) and select the hours for those
  6. Click Save

Once this is in place, as soon as a recipient will receive a valid email, the reports will be enabled. The recipients can opt to unsubscribe from the report either from the Welcome email that they receive, or from the actual report when this is received. 

If the recipient unsubscribes from the report, he will need to be manually re-added, as there is no option to auto-re-enable the report at this time.

Please note: If your domain has "Catch-All" enabled, then auto-enabling the Email Scout Reports from the interface will have no effect. If Catch-all is disabled on your destination mail server, but you are still seeing issues with this, please see our article here - Whitelist Delivery Servers section

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