WHMCS addon


This addon is free to use for SpamExperts clients. This can be downloaded from here.

Hosted Cloud users can see here for information on authenticating to the platform.


  • Add new domains using the Spampanel API, and activate available products (the products should be predefined by explicit selection from the following list: Incoming, Outgoing, Both)
  • Remove domains using the Spampanel API once a domain is deleted from WHMCS
  • Create the domain user for newly added domains
  • Manage domain routes
  • Manage domains' aliases
  • Manage domains' contact emails
  • One-click login link (to an associated Spampanel) generation
  • administrator Module - Possibility to Create/Terminate/Upgrade administrator accounts with one-click login button in the clientarea * Local Cloud Only
  • administrator's Clientarea Management
  • API configuration and test connection
  • One-click setup of basic product packages with necessary setup (incoming, Outgoing, Both)
  • Support page


  • Upload and extract the module into the main WHMCS directory
  • Login to your WHMCS admin area. Click 'Setup' then choose 'Addon Modules'. Afterwards find 'Spam Experts' and press Activate button
  • In next step you need to permit access to this module. To do so click on 'Configure' button, tick 'Full Administrator' and press 'Save Changes'
  • To create new product you can use addon module or you can create it manually

Detailed documentation on this can be found here.

* WHMCS Addon is compatible with WHMCS 7 and earlier versions.

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